The front of the restaurant.

Hey guys, Dylan here! Happy new year! Today, we will be reviewing a bright Italian bistro which is a sister restaurant of Sotto le Stelle, which you might recognize from my previous review 2 years ago. Let’s get started!


I discovered this restaurant about 2 weeks ago when I went here first for a family gathering to celebrate the start of the Christmas season. I was going to review this experience, but then I realized that I forgot to take pictures and should just come back another time to properly review it. Fast forward to yesterday when my brother was at his friend’s party and I was looking for a new place to try to make my first review of the 2020s. I remembered my experience at SoleLuna and decided to go and try it again. This restaurant is on 40th St. and Queens Blvd. which makes it accessible by the 7 train at 40th St. Station which is right across from the restaurant. When you walk in, you will probably notice the tall windows on the sides illuminating the restaurant and the thin walking space, which I believe is caused by the bar being built out too far. We sat in one of the tables in between the bar and the windows and ordered the burrata as an appetizer, which is creamy buffalo mozzarella over arugula and tomatoes. I got the pollo al limone, or lemon chicken, as my main course, which I remembered from my last experience as being the best dish we ordered. The burrata came out first and was nice and soft, which is always a good indication of the quality of the food. The arugula was a bit chewy, though, and was the one minor flaw of the appetizer. The lemon chicken then came out, which was bigger than how I had remembered it to be. It was well laid out, with assorted vegetables, potatoes, chicken, and a lemon, resulting in a delicious dish that I would say is one of the best items on their menu.

The pollo al limone.

After we finished, we got dessert menus and it took me about 6 seconds to decide what I was going to get. I immediately knew I wanted the tiramisu, which I say is some of the best tiramisu you can get in Queens, if not New York. I had tried it last time I was in the restaurant and loved how they served it in a jar instead of on the regular plate. I ordered it and was a little disappointed when I saw it was on a plate this time, but ignored that and still enjoyed the outstanding tiramisu. They even wrote their restaurant’s name on the plate with chocolate sauce, which I thought was a great chance for a photo.

The tiramisu.

To top off this nice experience, the staff even gave us complementary shots. Don’t worry, mine was mixed berry juice while my parents’ ones were limoncello. 10 out of 10 on creativity!

The three complementary shots.

This restaurant is slowly establishing itself as one of the best Italian restaurants in the neighborhood, so consider coming here for some dinner and tiramisu next time you are strolling around Sunnyside.

Phone: (929) 296-3942

Address: 40-1 Queens Blvd, Sunnyside, NY, 11104


Overall: DDDD 1/2

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Firefly New York Petite Cafe Bistro

The front of the restaurant.

Hey guys, Dylan here! First off, I would like to say Happy Holidays to all of my viewers! After a rather long hiatus from reviewing restaurants, I have returned and will be reviewing a restaurant described by their website as a “Bistro Cafe (with) Fine European Cuisine”

Firefly New York Petite Cafe Bistro

On Boxing Day, we were looking for a new restaurant to go to in the neighborhood so that I could do a review. Although Firefly is about 3 years old, I realized that I had not reviewed it yet. It was also good because we didn’t have to walk too far in the cold weather. Firefly is on 43rd Avenue in between 45th and 46th St, which makes it accessible by public transportation if you take the 7 train to 46th St. Station and then walk down one block. It’s easy to spot on the street, being the only building with a black and white awning on that block. When you enter, you will see that the restaurant only has about 18 seats, hence the ‘petite’ in its name. There is pieces of art made by a local Sunnyside artist on the wall so as you eat, you can observe the artworks. One of my favorite parts of the restaurant’s decor is the 3 clocks that are all set to different times, with one of them saying “Whatever, I’m late anyway”.

The three clocks.

We got the menus and I picked the huevos rancheros, which is basically eggs with spicy tomato sauce and crispy bacon. My brother ordered 6 mini empanadas, but for some reason, they had to do 3 bacon and cream cheese and 3 chicken while my brother wanted 6 chicken. We waited for about 10 minutes for our food, which passed by fast while I took pictures of the restaurant’s interior and exterior. When the food came out, I was surprised as the tomato sauce wasn’t as spicy as I anticipated, which is a plus for me because I don’t like when something is very spicy; it takes away from the flavor of the dish. The eggs were done sunny-side up and were complimented well by the sauce and the bacon. However, I did not like the roll served with the meal because it tasted too sweet to be served with eggs and bacon.

Huevos rancheros.

My brother was trying to avoid the bacon and cream cheese empanadas because of the cheese, but to his displeasure, he bit into 2 bacon and cream cheese empanadas and dropped one of his chicken ones on the ground by accident.

The mini empanadas.

We finished up our food and I ordered a $4.50 latte which was very small, as you can see compared to a small glass of water.

The $4.50 latte compared with a small glass of water.

I asked for the check and received it in a nice bronze box with a small airplane on it, which I thought was a nice touch.

The box with the check.

We left satisfied and smiling, which is why this is a good place for Sunday brunch with the family, but not a large party. If you want to experience the food here with a large party, they do have catering options, as well. This cozy European cafe is a nice spot to go to if you find yourself around Sunnyside with a small group and are looking for a nice lunch and some coffee.

Phone: (718) 255-1591

Address: 45-12 43rd Ave, Sunnyside, NY 11104

Overall: DDDD

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Buca di Bacco Positano

A street in Positano

Hey guys, Dylan here! Today, I will be reviewing a waterfront hotel restaurant in Positano on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Here we go!

The beach in Positano

Buca di Bacco Positano

I have just recently returned from a summer trip to Ireland for 2 weeks and then Italy for the first time for 4 days. During our vacation in Italy, we mainly stayed around Rome, touring sites like the Vatican City and the Colosseum, but on the second day of the trip, we took a car ride 150 miles south to the ancient Roman ruins of Pompeii. Afterwards, we went to Positano and asked our driver, Florin, for a recommendation, to which he responded Buca di Bacco. We did not exactly know what to expect of the journey to Positano from Pompeii, so when we got on the narrow road on the side of the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, we were shellshocked by the grandeur of the sea hundreds of feet below us. As we winded around the narrow road, we finally reached Positano after an hour’s drive from Pompeii. After we parked the car, Florin showed us the way down the beautiful but overpopulated streets of the town. After a 10 minute walk through the town, we made it to the hotel, which seated us at a table close to the windows overlooking the beach and the Mediterranean Sea. The restaurant was very clean and tidy and the staff were professional. I ordered the Sea Bass as my main course and the Buffalo Mozzarella to share with the table. The appetizers came out within minutes of us ordering and impressed us, with the Buffalo Mozzarella being very soft and refreshing in the scorching Italian heat we experienced at Pompeii. (Note: We ordered either the Caprese salad or the Buffalo Mozzarella at every restaurant during our stay in Italy, and this resulted in being the finest one out of all of them.) Once we finished our appetizers, we stared out at the beach busy with people relaxing by the waves. As we looked out at the pristine water, the main courses arrived which kept up with the high standard of the appetizers. The sea bass was flavorful and perfectly cooked, unlike how some restaurants prepare fish like this: dry and bland. The plate was organized in a way I have never seen before, with the fillet wrapping around the greens. Every mouthful of the dish was pleasing to the palate. The waiter took the plates away and I ordered a cappuccino for dessert, listening to Florin’s advice saying that the coffee was known to be better in Positano due to the good water. To little surprise, the cappuccino even had the strong scent of the freshest coffee beans. We got the check and headed down to the beach only to get a picture of the town from there and to see the road we used to drive into the town from afar, which sent shivers down all our spines when we began our return trip. This meal was the best food we had on our entire trip to Italy, so I would recommend this restaurant to everyone reading this. Not only the restaurant, but the entire town of Positano was a huge highlight of our trip we didn’t even plan for. If you find yourself in this area anytime soon, check out Positano, take a swim in the crystal clear waters, buy some lemon-decorated socks, and stop at Buca di Bacco for a true Italian meal you will not forget!

The Sea Bass

Location (Positano): Via Rampa, Salita Teglia, 4, 84017 Positano SA, Italy

Location (Capri): Via Longano, 35, 80076, Capri NA, Italy


Overall: DDDDD

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P.S. My mom recommends the house wines anywhere you go in Italy because they are consistently good.

Juice Press

The Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie

Hey guys, Dylan here! Today, we will be reviewing a juice and smoothie shop with 64 locations all across NYC. Let’s begin!

Juice Press

Last Friday, my dad, my brother Tristan and I were on our way for a visit to the AMNH (American Museum of Natural History), mainly to check out the new exhibit on the T. rex. We took the 7 train to Times Square and then transferred to the 1 train to take us uptown to 72nd St. Station where we proceeded up to Lenwich for some lunch. While we ate our sandwiches, Tristan remembered the juice store just 3 blocks away and convinced us to go there before we headed to the museum. We walked into a small, bright store with plenty of natural lighting flooding in from the large windows. On the other side were coolers full of pre-made smoothies bottled earlier that morning by the staff, and at the end was the counter where you could order a freshly-blended smoothie, coffee, açaí bowl, soup, etc. We looked at the menu and decided to get two strawberry banana protein smoothies for my brother and I, while my dad opted out of buying one. We ordered the smoothies with the staff member behind the counter and were a little surprised by the price of the two 16oz. smoothies put together, calculating to roughly $22 overall ($11 per smoothie). With the price of the smoothie, our expectations were set high, and when the smoothies came out, our expectations were exceeded by their impressive tastes. The smoothies were packed with strawberries, bananas, hemp seeds, flax seeds, dates, vanilla extract, almond milk, chia seeds, and plant protein which all amounted to a healthy treat that cooled us down in the boiling June weather. It’s a great feeling when something is as healthy as it is delicious, which is the feeling that you get when you drink one of these! Although the price may be considered a little bit high, I believe it’s worth it for all the potassium, fiber, and protein it gives you, but most of all, the flavor! You don’t even have to get the 24oz. size because the 16oz. version is just enough, as it will quickly fill you up. I would commend this drink to anyone reading this, not just for the nutrition reasons, but also because it’s enjoyable and almost a meal in itself. Visit one of their locations which you can find on their website which I will link below, or visit this one if you are in the area!

Phone (of this specific location): (212) 777-0034

Address (of this specific location): 239 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10023


Overall: DDDDD

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Warren Tavern

Hey guys, Dylan here! Today, we will be reviewing something with more historical presence than most of the other establishments I have visited and reviewed on DylanDining, so look no further than below to continue!

Warren Tavern

The Warren Tavern was founded in 1780, built by Dr. Joseph Warren, a Harvard graduate and one of the Sons of Liberty. It was visited by some of the most famous figures in the 18th and 19th century, such as George Washington and Paul Revere. His significance in America’s history was that he sent Paul Revere, one of his most loyal customers, and William Dawes on the famous “Midnight Ride” which warned the citizens around the area of the arrival of the British army which led to the dawn of the American Revolution. Sadly, he was killed in the following Battle of Bunker Hill but his legacy lives on with this tavern. Although many bars take the name of the “oldest bar in the United States”, Warren Tavern is officially the holder of this title. Now that you have been introduced to the history behind Warren Tavern, we will fast forward to my family’s trip to Boston this previous weekend. We just finished up with the New England Aquarium, which, I would highly recommend to any tourists to Boston, and we were desirous for food. We had already tried some options in the immediate area and weren’t thrilled, as it was very similar to some of the expensive yet mediocre food you might get in Times Square. We decided to catch an Uber up to Charlestown to dine but also educate ourselves about Warren Tavern. About 10 minutes later, we left the car and walked towards the restaurant. The streets were, ironically, quiet for the average amount of traffic we had experienced over the duration of the trip so far. We walked in and asked for a table to seat four people, but wait, wrong guy! He was actually just a customer trying to get a set of utensils which led to a laugh and then, finally, were seated at a high-top table. We looked at the menus and decided that my mom would get the Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps and we would all split the Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Fried Haddock sandwiches four ways. As we waited, we watched the Maple Leafs – Bruins game 6, which the bar was hyped up about once the Bruins took the lead. The bartender was very helpful when I asked to charge my phone and all of the staff were welcoming. Once the food did come out, however, it was in very large portions, so it was to our advantage that we were splitting most of the dishes. I personally preferred the haddock sandwich, but both were tender and honestly, too gargantuan to eat in that state. We had to cut each sandwich up to a great extent just to make it easier to handle. No big deal if the fillings came out of the sandwich, however, because you could just eat it with a fork off the plate, which is what I ended up doing. My mom’s appetizer was flavorful and the peanuts brought a satisfying crunchiness with every bite. Then, when my dad was returning to his seat, the same thing happened to him as we did to the guy standing at the front when we walked in; people came in and asked my dad to seat them somewhere. I could’ve taken a better picture of the fireplace at the back, but there was already a party of guests seated in front of it, so my chances were gone – I apologize I couldn’t get that shot! I did, however, get some shots of Charlestown, the neighborhood that Warren Tavern is in. We wrapped up at the restaurant and proceeded on our way back to the hotel, as we followed the Freedom Trail over the North Washington Street Bridge and back into downtown Boston. This establishment serves food that will satisfy your tastebuds, but the history behind the bar will amaze, entertain, and educate you and will have you leaving with a desire for more knowledge on the history of Boston and the American Revolution.

Phone: (617) 241-8142

Address: 2 Pleasant St., Charlestown, MA 02129

Overall: DDDD

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Very Fresh Noodles

Hey guys, Dylan here! Today, we are taking a visit into Chelsea, a happening neighborhood in Lower Manhattan which I have grew fond of in the past few months. In the world-famous Chelsea Market, you can find any food or drink you desire, also where this review is based today.

Very Fresh Noodles

Whenever we all have a day off, we usually try to make a day out of it and do something unordinary; usually a museum trip or a walk down to LIC. But, after taking the C train up to the Museum of Natural History at least a dozen times, we needed to freshen it up. We planned a trip to Hudson Yards to visit the Intrepid and then head down the West Side Highway to the newly opened Starbucks Roastery Reserve. After initiating our plan and landing down at Times Square, we stopped for some quick grub and passed by some classic NYC photo chances (Don’t worry! Here’s one!) We boarded the retired ship and read up on its travels during World War II, the Vietnam War, and other minor trips related to the Cold War. Its decks were loading up quickly though, so we vented out after an hour or so. We then attempted to walk down the West Side Highway, but failed, grabbing a taxi to the corner of 15th and 9th. We walked through the Chelsea Market and stumbled upon a noodle bar that was cheaply priced and looked mouth-watering as we peered through the glass to watch the chefs create the noodles. We decided that we would try it another time, and sure enough, my dad and I were back their 4 days later, ready for a good bowl of Chelsea’s finest. As I hunted for two seats, my dad ordered us the same dish we both thought looked appetizing, the La Mei Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup, mild. You know what they say; smart minds think alike! I eventually got a seat on the bar parallel to the kitchen, to our advantage. The skill used by the guys behind the counter making the noodles was mind-boggling because their process was all go. While one person pulled the noodles, the other person cooked the bok choy, while the other person loaded the bowls with pork. My dad returned with two bowls for us to chow down on and we got started. I was immediately blown away. There was the fresh hot broth that tasted so good on such a bitter cold day. There was the bok choy which is a hard vegetable to perfect, but they have it down to a science. Finally, there was the cilantro-spiced beef which was, as Chandler Bing would say, perfection. And there we were, sipping down the broth in the middle of food heaven. I’m not exaggerating; the food is that good. After that, you don’t need any dessert, so I got a bag and took home the leftovers, because you should not overeat, but its a crime to throw out good food. This place is on the highest caliber of food I have dined in so far, so I beg you to go down and see for yourself.

Phone: (none)

Address: 409 W 15th St, New York, NY, 10011

Overall: DDDDD

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Hey guys, Dylan here! Today, we will be discussing a modern Scottish restaurant in the heart of the Glasgow city center.


Before we get into the good stuff, I would like to congratulate the newlywed husband and wife that are good friends of ours that brought us over to Scotland, Mr. and Mrs. Foster! So, a few days before the big day, some of my mom’s old friends were planning a meet up. In the thriving city center, there are many choices of cuisine, but when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Also, I have had a lifelong destiny to eventually try haggis, a traditional Scottish dish that is made up of the liver, heart, and lungs of a sheep, oats, and some other ingredients. This may make the average foreigner to Scottish cuisine cringe; I probably would have not tried it if I had known the exact makeup of the dish prior. All I knew was that it was the national dish of Scotland, so it must be exceptionally good. As we viewed our options, we came across a spacious, casual eatery that was a very close walk from where we were staying. So, we planned the meal, and sooner than later, we were heading toward the restaurant. Sadly, my brother was sick that night, so he had to cancel and stay back with my dad. When we entered the restaurant, we were seated in one of two ‘sections’ of the restaurant. One section was bigger and more open, with the bar, windows, etc. We were seated in a small nook in the back that was very cozy, with about 3-4 tables and an elevated area with 1 table. We sat in the lower area, and because we had such a large group, we made all the tables unite into two tables that would seat all the guests. Once we got the menus, I was pleased to see many different options on the A La Carte section. We decided that I would get the Angus John’s Portuairk Free Range Pork Sausages, and my mom would get the salad that, sadly, cannot be ordered anymore due to being part of the seasonal Christmas menu. I have also forgotten the name and can no longer look it up, so my apologies! We also ordered the Haggis appetizer for the table that came with ‘neeps and tatties’ which means turnips and potato. Once the haggis appetizer came out, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that haggis is a delectable dish. With a spicy kick, it went down well with the turnips, which were also fresh and paired well. Then, after another short intermission, the main courses came out, which, to my disappointment, didn’t excite me as much as the last dish. The sausage and potato were more like a breakfast than a dinner dish. Although it did taste good, I think it could have followed a higher standard, compared to the haggis. The size of this dish was a little small, so I would recommend some sort of appetizer beforehand, or just get one of the larger main courses, such as the main course haggis. After the dinner part of the experience had concluded, the group decided it wasn’t time to get the check and we would do dessert. I just ordered 1 scoop of the good old original Vanilla ice cream, which was decent. I thought it tasted partially refrozen, as it was icy and very cold which put me off. We ended the night with a toast to the soon to-be husband and wife and began to head back to our rendezvous spot, but before we left the premises, I took some pictures of the interior design for you to observe.
If you come to Glasgow and are in need of trying the world-famous Scottish cuisine and its famous dish, haggis, then pay this restaurant a visit, as it will fulfill its purpose.

Phone: 0141 353 1500

Address: 325 Hope Street, Glasgow, UK, G2 3PT

Price: $$ (reasonable to slightly pricey)

Overall: DDDD

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Ida’s Nearabout

Hey guys, Dylan here! Today, I will be reviewing a bar/restaurant that provided a decent experience up until a point that catastrophically altered the quality that you will learn of later in the post.

Ida’s Nearabout

Ida’s Nearabout is a small eatery off the noisy, hectic Queens Boulevard, the bloodline of traffic into the great borough of Queens. Our story starts with my mother, Tristan, and I walking through Sunnyside in the bitter November cold, looking for a place to eat. It had been Veterans Day, so we expected dozens of restaurants open with many people having lunch, but were disappointed to see that all of the local restaurants that we love so were closed. As we extended our pursuit through the icy conditions, we began to freeze of the unforgiving cold. Finally, after 30 minutes of this trek across our neighborhood, we came into Ida’s Nearabout, a relatively new restaurant we had never been in. I took this as a DylanDining opportunity, and we walked in and sat at a table. A solitary bartender welcomed us to our table and kindly gave us our menus. We looked at the menus for an extensive period of time and decided that we would order the popcorn chicken to start off and may decide on something else later. The popcorn chicken came out in a short 10 minutes, filling our aura with a beautiful scent of mouthwatering chicken. It went down well with all three of us, half because of the salty, addictive taste or because WE WERE SO HUNGRY! The portion was rather little to share and my brother still wasn’t completely satisfied, so we ordered three other small plates. The nachos, the sauteed kale, and the meatballs. All three of these dishes are simple enough and are very hard to mess up, especially for a restaurant that has received some good reviews from critically-acclaimed critics such as the Sunnyside Post on their website. We looked forward to it as we tried to tame our great appetites, looking around the restaurant to distract our minds. The restaurant’s design is well thought out, with a nice back area for people to sit out in the summer and a taxidermied wolf above the clean bar. Compared to the former restaurant in its place, Ida’s took a greater advantage of the space provided. As we looked around the premises, our food appeared and already, we were quite disappointed. The dishes looked flavorless and dull, especially disappointing Tristan. He didn’t even bother to take a bite of his meatballs, so I tried it for him, and I immediately saw what he meant. The cheese, which I can only assume was shaved parmesan, made me want to clean my mouth out several times. The standard of this dish plummeted through the spectrum of my expectation, truly underwhelming all of us. My mom’s dish, the sauteed kale, tasted like lumps of soaked paper, with absolutely no flavor. My dish, the nachos, had fatty meat on it and vegetables that tasted sour. It was depressing that such a nicely designed restaurant with generous staff would have that bad food. It was actually so unappetizing that we had to mash up the plates just to create the image that we ate some of it. Maybe the dish would taste at least standard to someone else that has a different palate, but I was sad for the restaurant. If they want to repair their name and bring in a crowd, they need to work on their menu. They already have attractive surroundings and helpful staff, so why can’t their food be just as good? I hope that if there is another time I return to Ida’s Nearabout, their food has improved dramatically because that would completely raise their standard. Until then, maybe Ida’s is better for bargoers who are not hungry and are looking for a quiet night of friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere, but not food.

Location: 43-13 Queens Blvd, Sunnyside, NY 11104

Phone: (718) 433-1916

Overall: D

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(Photo courtesy of


Hey guys, Dylan here! Today, I will be reviewing a high-end Vietnamese restaurant in iconic LIC (aka Long Island City). So, prepare your appetite!


Rewind to the 1990s, a time where NYC was constantly developing. The subways were being repaired, the Central Park Conservancy loaded huge sums of money into Central Park, and the city was thriving like never before. Take a swim across the river in Long Island City, however, things weren’t as great. With very little things in the neighborhood other than warehouses and construction sites, LIC was behind. But recently, they have stepped right back up into the game, with all of those construction sites being completed and creating a beautiful utopia on the western coast of Queens. And soon, with the fine living came fine food; now that is what I’m looking for. Shi is located under a residential building, and as you enter into the restaurant, you are welcomed with these mighty doors that always strike me in awe when I enter. Sadly, I did not get a picture, but instead, I got more pictures of the inside. We sat down at our table that was bordered by plants that “looked like little trees”, to my brother. Interestingly explained, Tristan.

I admired the reusable chopsticks we were given compared to the trainer take-out chopsticks my brother was not satisfied with.

Our appetites intensified at every glance of the dishes. When the server came to order, I placed in a miso soup and the Vietnamese Style Noodles, and of course, we had to get some bok choy. A short 5 minutes later of pacing inside and outside of the restaurant trying to absorb the details and the food was brought to us. A fine two bowls of bok choy came out of the kitchen, with the smell and taste both yelling satisfaction.

My dad has tried to make bok choy before using a recipe off the internet, but was nothing compared to the bok choy at Shi (sorry Dad!). Sauteed with garlic and ginger, these little heavenly vegetables are hard to find, let alone making them to this standard! The miso soup was also very delectable, but to add on to the texture, I put in about half a bowl of white rice. This restaurant would get 5 on the D scale just with the bok choy alone. After the shared entree, our main courses came out. Thick noodles soaked in soy sauce paired with chicken and mixed vegetables was what I was served. Two thumbs up. With a pinch of lemon for the top, each bite was one to savor. Noodles, if done the wrong way, can be very bland or very rich depending on what you pair them with resulting in disappointment. In this case, the perfect amount of soy sauce was used to emphasize the flavor and bring out more taste in the dish.

After the food portion of the meal, I took another observation of the premises and was fond of the small lounge area shown below. The plant and oriental-themed canvases made for a good picture.

The other sizable lounge I was less pleased with, in my opinion not being as cozy as its smaller sibling across the restaurant.

A rather impressive chandelier can be found above the restaurant with intricate detail, almost like something out of an 18th-century ballroom. Although prices are leaning toward the high side, this restaurant combines excellent Vietnamese cuisine and a mashup of bygone and modern design that will make you want to come back every day.

Location: 4720 Center Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11109

Phone: (347) 242-2448

Overall: DDDDD

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McCormick and Schmick’s

Hey guys, Dylan here! Today, I will be reviewing an establishment in the capitol of the United States, Washington, DC. So, without further ado, let’s continue to the following!

McCormick and Schmick’s

Ah, Washington DC. The capital of the United States, a melting pot of peoples and cultures. As it being such an important destination, my family planned a trip to the historic location saying we are (roughly) only 270 miles north in the Big Apple. The vacation flew by with miles and miles of walking to each point of interest.

As we paced through the city for two days, we dined in many fine restaurants, but this one restaurant stood out because of it’s history with us. My dad came to the restaurant 20 years earlier to relax after taking his parents and himself across the landmarks the same way we did in the present day. When we walked in through the classy doorway entering the restaurant, I noticed the fine designing and surroundings. To my surprise, however, there was barely any atmosphere, with many empty tables. This would worry someone who didn’t do the research on the restaurant prior, but since I read reviews and you are reading one right now, I didn’t have this problem and neither will you if you ever come to visit DC. We sat down at a table beside some people, but my mom complimented how quiet and peaceful it was, as it is her cup of tea. When the server came to take our orders, I asked for a cup of the New England Clam Chowder and the highlight of the menu for the main course, the Scottish Wild Isles Salmon, which was overnighted from the Shetland Isles and arrived at the restaurant in the morning. Yes, I’m thinking it too, very exuberant. The soup came out almost immediately, nice, hot and ready to be devoured. The broth was thick and flavorful with a nice creamy structure to it. The clams were soft and delectable unlike clams you would find in other versions of the soup.

I enjoyed the soup so much, I started to fathom ordering another cup when I realized that I should save my appetite for the most important dish, the main course. About 10 minutes later, the server came out with all four main courses for the table, with the praised salmon being put in front of me. The first thing I noticed was the exquisite decoration of the plate which I never seen on such a dish before. Unexpectedly, however, it did not share its superiority with the taste of the dish. The salmon seemed a tad dry, with the Salsa Verde that came with it not pairing up with the tastes on the dish well. The shrimp scampi was the enlightenment of the dish, being well spiced and bringing back some flavor to the plate. I was shocked, though, when I took a bite of the salmon and there was a huge bone in it. I would expect bones in a $15 salmon, but not in a $40 one! In my opinion, a proper salmon fillet for that price should be boneless.

As we finished our dishes, I observed the rest of the restaurant, including a party room named The Virginia Room. The design was rustic, with beautiful paintings on the surrounding walls. When I returned to our table, the server brought us the dessert menu. I ordered two scoops of the raspberry sorbet and my dad ordered one scoop. My brother ‘didn’t want anything’ *wink wink*. When the sorbet came, the first scoop was an intricate flavor of raspberry with a nice chill, as seen above. My brother eventually started taking spoonfuls, so make sure to get two scoops if you are dining with others, because they will want some too. Trust me. McCormick and Schmick’s is truly a fine dining experience in the capitol of the United States, so if you ever come to see the beautiful city, come by for lunch or dinner, and don’t forget to get two scoops of sorbet!

Phone: (202) 861-2233

Address: 1652 K St NW, Washington, DC 20006

Hours: Weekdays: 11:30AM-10PM, Saturdays: 4-10PM, Sundays: 4-9PM

Overall: DDDD 1/2

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